CPS Remote Learning will continue through the end of the school year.

School hours are from 9am -1pm Monday-Friday

CPS Remote Learning will continue through the end of the school year.

If you have not received technology, please contact:
  MAByrd@cps.edu or KAMiller@cps.edu

**Students should be using LEXIA and KHAN Academy DAILY**

There will be food distribution for all students (no Weekends) from 8-1 pm every day.

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Additional assignments:

www.lexiacore5.com (grades k-4th)

headsprout.com (K-5th)

khanacademy.org (K-8th)

pearsonrealize.com (k-8th)

 www.lexiapowerup.com (grades 6th-8th), 

Ms. Mercado - Rm 112:

06/15-06/19: Remote Learning Plans

06/08-06/12: Remote Learning Plans

06/01-06/05: Remote Learning Plans

5/25/- 5/29: Remote Learning Plans

5/18/- 5/22: Remote Learning Plans

5/11/- 5/15: Remote Learning Plans

5/04/- 5/08: Remote Learning Plans

4/27/- 5/01: Remote Learning Plans

4/20/4/24: Remote Learning Plans

4/13-4/17: Remote Learning Plans

Ms. Spencer Headstart – Room 106:

6/15-6/19: We are almost at the end!!!
Wednesday and Thursday please make sure to join in on our live google hang-outs to say happy summer to me, Ms. Sanders, and all your 106 friends at 11:00am meet.google.com/xma-rgjw-ddb  or Join by phone (US) +1 484-430-1591‬ PIN: ‪684 090 721‬#
I have listed some books in Google Classroom you can enjoy and discuss with your family!
Please also finish all activities that are posted.
Happy Summer!
Ms. Spencer and Ms. Sanders

6/08-6/12 Weekly Lesson Plans

6/01-6/05 Weekly Lesson Plans

5/25-5/29 Weekly Lesson Plans

5/18-5/22 Weekly Lesson Plans

5/11-5/15 Weekly Lesson Plans

5/04-5/08 Weekly Lesson Plans

4/27-5/01 Weekly Lesson Plans

4/20-04/24 Weekly Lesson Plans

4/13/ - 4/17/ Weekly Lesson Plan

During this time at home with your little learners, these are some things that you can do with them that require little to nothing!! 

Practice spelling and writing first and last name

Tying shoes

Counting 1-50 (Count different objectives 1-20 having them touch each one)

Going over letters and letter sounds A-Z

Singing nursery rhymes

Naming shapes


I've also attached a list of online and at home activities you can do with them as well! Quarantined Littles 3-7yrs

PreK–12 Independent Projects 


PreK_Resource Packet

Ms. Davis Rm 107

6/15/20: Hello 107!

Thursday is our last day of school. We finally made it, what an interesting year!!!!

This week we will have a live meeting. If you can't make the meeting on Wednesday, you can join in on Thursday at 9:00am. I hope you can make it so we can see each other and say Happy Summer! See you then!

6/08 - 6/12 Weekly Lesson Plan

6/01 - 6/05 Weekly Lesson Plan

5/25 - 5/29 Weekly Lesson Plan

5/18 - 5/22 Weekly Lesson Plan

5/11 - 5/15 Weekly Lesson Plan

5/04 - 5/08 Weekly Lesson Plan

4/27 - 5/01 Weekly Lesson Plan

4/20 - 4/24 Weekly Lesson Plan

4/13 - 4/17 Weekly Lesson Plan


Kindergarten Resource Packet

freckle- class code wn523h

Epic- www.getepic.com/students  Class code: psp8575
Lexia and IXL logins were sent home

School Counselor’s Resources

Mrs. Burnette

Google Meet- Counselor’s Virtual Office Hours-

9am-1pm ( Monday- Friday)

Join Hangouts Meet


Join by phone

+1 575-414-0336 PIN: ‪587 663 530#

Calm Classroom- If you need to releases stress, Please join

Join Hangouts Meet


Watch live stream


Join by phone

‪+1 260-245-3747 PIN: ‪495 628 761#


For Counselors Lessons and mental health service



Naviance- Lessons that 6-8th grade students need to complete

Home : Naviance for CPS - CPS

List of Lesson need to be completed by grade level:




Success bound- 6th-8th grade


Counselors Schedule-


Behavioral Health Request for assistance


Welcome to remote learning everyone. I am going to post new content on Nash website regularly.  Please feel free to email me at pmgut@cps.edu if you have any questions.

I understand how challenging PE can be while students are unable to play with their friends, neighbors and relatives due to coronavirus outbreak. We all need to be safe, obey social distancing rules and follow CDC guidelines, but at the same time staying active is very important. Not only does it release stress, but also helps you to stay healthy.  Be creative, share with me what you do and how you modify suggested activities, and please keep track of your activities. I posted some videos of myself and my daughter working out at home to motivate you.

Video 1 | Video 2 | Video 3 | Video 4 | Video 5 | Video 6 | Video 7 | Video 8 | Video 9 | Video 10 | Video 11


June 8 Look for The Good Walk and Talk Grades k-2

June 8 Look for The Good Walk and Talk Grades 3-5

June 8 30 Days of High Intensity Interval Training Grades 6-8


June 1 Field Day Preparation Grades k-2 Week8-Packet

June 1 Field Day Preparation Grades 3-5 Week8-Packet

June 1 Interval Training Grades 6-8 Week8-Packet


5/26 Field Day Preparation Grades k-2

5/26 Field Day Preparation Grades 3-5

5/26 Field Day Preparation Grades 6-8


5/18 Weekly Lesson Plan

5/18 Wonderful walks and washing Grades k-2

5/18 Monderful walks and washing Grades 3-5


5/11 Charade Games - Social Distancing Grades k-2

5/ 11 Shadow Sports - Social Distancing Grades 3-5

5/11 Rock, Paper, Scissor Games - Social Distancing Grades 6-8


5/4 Volleying and Striking Grades k-2

5/4 8 Skill Related Fitness Grades 3-5

5/4 Circus Arts Grades 6-8

5/4 May Calendar Stay Active 31 days 31 activities

4/27 Videos- YOGA: Yoga for grades k-2   about 21 minutes  | Yoga for grades 3-5   about 24 minutes | Yoga for grades 6-8  about 25 minutes

Videos-fitness workout: Workout 1 about 23 minutes  For Grades 5-8 Burn Fat, Build Muscles and Improve Fitness. Weights optional

Workout 2 about 21 minutes For Grades k-8 High Energy, Simple Moves. Great for beginners. No equipment needed.

Workout 3 about 31 minutes For Grades 7-8 High Intensity Interval Training. Great for students who love being challenged. No equipment needed

Rugby Team please open this document and workout with your rugby coach online💪


4/27 Locomotor and Manipulatives K-2

4/27 Soccer Skills 3-5

4/27 Fitness Knowledge Grades 6-8


4/20-4/24 Roudnet and Volleying Grades 6-8

4/20-4/24 Jumping and Landing Grades 3-5

4/20 - 4/24: Locomotor and Manipulatives K-2

Locomotor and Manipulatives Grade K-2

Fitness Knowledge Grade 3-5

Fitness Knowledge Grades 6-8


Parents letter

Activities to Stay Active at Home


Additional Resources for Parents:

CPS Parent University Courtesy Public Announcements/Resources:

Coronavirus Info | Coronavirus Info-2

CoronavirusAnnouncements FreeMeals | Spanish

CDPH Prevent Coronavirus

CPSMeals English | Spanish

Economic assistance

Financial Relief

Educational Activities

Free Meals

Chicago Parks Response Update

Types of Exposure

Wash your hands

COVID19 symptoms Spanish


Handwashing Middle School | Spanish

What to do if you are sick with coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) | Spanish

Stop the spread of germs | Spanish


Play in a Book

AT&T and Comcast Resources

Letter to Parents English | Spanish

CPS Health Department

 Activities to Stay Active At Home

Personal Hotspot Explained | Personal Hotspot Explained Android

PreK-12 Comprehensive Packets

Elementary School Enrichment Activity




Welcome to Henry H. Nash Elementary School

Nash challenges students through an innovative curriculum that employs exercises like daily journal writing, math, and science problem solving.

Nash is developing accelerated reading and math programs to meet the needs of its advanced students.

Nash’s facilities include a computer lab and Internet access in the classrooms.